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Critical Incident Stress Management

I offer critical incident interventions for both groups and individuals.  These interventions, offered on a timely basis following the incident, mitigate the long-term effect that a critical or traumatic event has on those involved.

I hold certificates in both group and individual crisis intervention from the CISM training center of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Individual critical incident interventions are sometimes termed "psychological first aid".  These interventions provide stability, acknowledge what has happened, facilitate basic discussion and problem solving, encourage the utilization of available resources for coping and make referrals for further mental health assistance, as appropriate.

In terms of group interventions, I can help you plan and implement three different types of interventions, based on the scenario and your organization's needs.  A Crisis Management Briefing is a large group intervention when non-operations staff are provided with facts and a disciplined discussion or Q&A session is held.  A Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is a carefully planned intervention where a team of facilitators supports a team of people who have had a similar experience of a event in dealing with its consequences.  A Defusing intervention is a shortened version of the CISD provided within a short time after the event.

I can assist you with creating plans for CISM preparedness within your organization and work with your CISM-trained staff as a team to deliver the interventions described above.  The best CISM teams involve both peers and external professionals.  A debriefing intervention (CISD) normally involves at least one CISM-trained mental health professional as part of the support team.

As a former Canadian Forces Reserve infantry officer and volunteer ski patroller I have some small understanding of both uniformed services and health care.  I have worked with many first responders in my private practice.  I would welcome the opportunity to help your organization and your team work through the events we all wish would never happen but inevitably sometimes do.