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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Individual Counselling

As someone who specializes in relationship and family issues, I have worked successfully with many individuals.

The Emotionally Focused Therapy that I do with couples also has a wide application to individual issues.

Sometimes people come to me on their own to improve their relationship when their partner is unable or unwilling to attend counselling with them.  Sometimes an individual wants to make sense of their experience in a relationship that has ended in order to improve their chance of success and happiness in future relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for individuals also helps to resolve the stress that comes from internal conflicts.  It is quite common for individuals to have distinct parts within themselves that approach issues and life experiences differently.  In the vast majority of cases, this is not at all about mental illness - it is simply about the fact that our minds and the experiences that shape our minds are complex enough that often some work is needed to fine tune different parts into a smoothly working whole.

EFT will help you understand the different parts of your experience and where they come from.  An Emotionally Focused Therapist will act as your guide to get these seemingly different parts of yourself into dialogue so that you can mindfully integrate the different parts into a coherent whole that operates with much less inner conflict.

An individual who is well integrated themselves will find it much easier to be in effective relationships with others.

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